Cleaning Services

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What cleaning services we offer?

The cleaning services we offer are mostly attributed to post-construction, post-water damage, post-fire damage and in conjunction with carpet cleaning. Besides the above enumerated our team is always available for simple cleaning services around your property.

What to expect:

Floor and property cleaning services

Our cleaning staff is fully trained and capable of meeting your cleaning needs. They will ensure your property is cleaned based on your requirements and ready for a healthy and pleasant occupation and enjoyment.
We tend to use environment friendly and allergen free cleaning supplies withsome exceptions. If you have a preferred chemical to be used, simply let us know and leave it in a visible area of your property for our team to use it.

Post-damage and construction cleaning jobs are handled based on a deep cleaning approach and depending on the requirement may be composed of a 2 stage cleaning process.

We ensure high results and guarantee satisfaction.

A cleaning service is not considered emergency.

We kindly ask you to send an email when requesting a cleaning service and use our phone number in case of emergency situations like water damage. We tend to respond within 2 hours to all emails.

Property Restoration PRO cares about each and all our customers and appreciates you for giving us a chance to winning your trust.

Need non-emergency assistance?